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60 Songs About Horses (Pop, Country, Rap/Hip Hop & More)

Horses are the inspiration for many songs. It might even surprise you just how many songs focus on horses in a wide range of genres. After all, horses are majestic, fast, and strong animals which might be why they are the topic of many songs. I. Latest Songs About Horses[…]

51 Songs About Fall (Hip Hop, Pop & More)

Whether you prefer using the word Fall or Auntum, it does not matter. This is a season with beautiful deep-colored leaves and cooler temperatures. Fall has become one of the more popular seasons that is the focus of many songs in several genres simply because of its uniqueness. I. Latest[…]

60 Songs About Weather (Pop, Rap/Hip Hop, Country & More)

There are many songs about the weather in all genres of music, and this may be because weather conditions in songs can tell a variety of stories. Diverse weather can represent different emotions in music. Stormy weather often represents sadness, whereas sunny weather may represent happiness. I. Pop Songs About[…]

25 Songs About Diamonds & Jewels (Rap, Pop & More)

What does it mean to sing about diamonds? They are a sought-after beauty amongst all walks of life. “A true diamond never overshadows… it’s the brilliance of the subtle shine that’s the most attractive.” Diamonds have always represented a symbol of love, prosperity, perseverance, and endurance. There is an[…]

65 Songs about Flowers (R&B, Rock, Traditional & More)

Flowers are often sent as gifts to show appreciation and uplift the spirits. They are also frequently used in music to represent a variety of things, from failed relationships and the cycle of life, to personal growth that occurs in spite of difficult circumstances. I. Latest songs about flowers (2020,[…]

40 Songs About Colors (Pop, Rock, Country and More)

You can find a song about almost every color of the rainbow. Whether you are in a purple haze or a bright red mood, our list of songs about colors has got you covered. We have categorized 40 songs about colors to brighten up your mood. I. Pop songs about[…]

song about water

60 Songs About Water (Pop, Rap, Rock, Classical and More)

Water is used frequently in music. Artists use it metaphorically to illustrate emotions. This could be any emotion, the beauty in their lyrics identifies their pain, joy, grief, happiness, and anything in between. I. Summer Songs About Water Water is used to describe lust or satisfaction. This can be clear[…]


42 Songs About Storms & Thunderstorms (By Genre)

Storms are a natural occurrence around the world. They can be menacing and violent but still, bring out the beauty in their wakes such as rainbows and clear skies. Storms have become muses to musicians who’ve experienced the literal and metaphoric turmoils can bring. I. Pop Songs About Storms Pop[…]

40 Songs About Fire By Genre (Pop, Rock, Rap etc.)

Whether it’s a fiery love song or an angry protest anthem, when it comes to making fire-themed music, musical artists have burned up the charts for centuries. I. Pop Songs About Fire Many pop songs use fire as a metaphor for passion, lust, desire, and sometimes destruction. 1) Burning Down[…]