25 Songs About Diamonds & Jewels (Rap, Pop & More)

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25 Songs About Diamonds & Jewels (Rap, Pop & More)

What does it mean to sing about diamonds? They are a sought-after beauty amongst all walks of life.

“A true diamond never overshadows… it’s the brilliance of the subtle shine that’s the most attractive.” Quotemaster.org

Diamonds have always represented a symbol of love, prosperity, perseverance, and endurance. There is an endless possibility of symbolism and meaning attached to this amazing gemstone.

It had been a popular topic to sing about for generations. It will continue to inspire artists for generations to come.

Here are a few songs that capture the essence of diamonds.

I. Pop Songs About Diamonds

1) Diamonds and Pearls

Artist: Prince
Album: Diamonds and Pearls
Year: 1991

Diamonds and Pearls was released as the thirteenth studio album. It was released with his new backing band, The New Power Generation.


2) Diamonds

Artist: Rihanna
Album: Unapologetic
Year: 2012
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Diamonds is from Rihanna’s seventh album. This album is a turning point as she no longer sings about unhealthy relationships.

Rhianna is said to describe the song as hopeful and a positive message. She has been recorded saying that Diamonds is about love.


3) Diamonds in the Mine

Artist: Leonard Cohen
Album: Songs of Love and Hate
Year: 1971
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Diamonds in the Mine is a sad song that is sung in an upbeat way.

The general meaning of the song is that life is empty and that there is nothing special left.

It almost seems that Leonard Cohen loses control towards the end of the song.


4) The Diamond Sea

Artist: Sonic Youth
Album: Washing Machine
Year: 1995
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The Diamond Sea comes off of the band’s ninth studio album. This is the longest track on the Sonic Youth album.

The original track was twenty minutes long. Later a five-minute version was released for radio.

This was an experimental track, which even incorporated trance guitar.

There is the thought that The Diamond Sea is about self-reflection. Whereas others think it is about relationships.


5) ***Flawless

Artist: Beyonce
Album: Beyonce: Platinum Edition
Year: 2014
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***Flawless is the eleventh track on Beyonce’s Platinum Edition album.

This song is focused on feminism. It is driven home as she is a strong female figure all over the world.

Beyonce is a symbol of a diamond.


II. New Songs About Diamonds

1) Diamonds

Artist: Sam Smith
Album: Love Goes
Year: 2020
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Diamonds is inspired by Sam Smith’s time spent in therapy. He has made a huge effort to work through his problems.

Sam Smith has said to describe Diamonds being about realizing that life is imperfect. It does not help to chase perfection. This will only make you more unhappy.


2) Diamonds

Artist: Morgan Evans
Album: Diamonds (Acoustic)
Year: 2019
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Diamonds is the main track on Morgan Evans’s third studio album.

He is a singer-songwriter from Australia.

This song was written for his beloved wife. What an ultimate love letter.


3) 2Diamonds

Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: No of Ceilings 3
Year: 2020
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This is a remake of the song Young Thug.

That being said, this version is a lot more melodic.

Lil Wayne expresses his deep love for his partner. He also questions her love and devotion.


III. Rap/ Hip-hop Songs About Diamonds

1) Diamonds

Artist: Megan Thee Stallion and Normani
Album: Birds of Prey: The Album
Year: 2020
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This track was written as the lead track of the movie Birds of Prey.


2) Diamonds & Girls

Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: The Drought Is Over 2: The Carter 3 Sessions
Year: 2007

Diamonds & Girls is a track written in honor of Prince.

When Prince died he inspired these words from Lil Wayne.


3) Diamonds

Artist: Lil Xan
Album: Total Xanarchy
Year: 2018
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Lil Xan is a rapper from California.

His music is described to have a ‘drugged out’ sound.


4) Diamonds from Sierra Leone

Artist: Kanye West
Album: Late Registration
Year: 2005
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This is track won the Grammy Award for the Best Rap Song. 

This track is off his second album. This was originally a bonus track for the album. That being said it gain traction and become the lead single.


IV. Songs With Diamond In The Lyrics

Using the word diamond in the lyrics of songs is the decadence of description. To compare a person or situation to a diamond carries a lot of weight.

A diamond is a symbol of love and success. It is something associated with women and men proving their love to their partners.

1) Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Artist: Marilyn Monroe
Album: The Collection
Year: 1953
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This was an iconic song with an iconic performance. Seventy years later and this track is still just as popular.

The original track was sung by Carol Channing in 1949. Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend was sung on a Broadway production.


2) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Artist: The Beatles
Album: Sgt. Pepper
Year: 1967
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John Lennon always said that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was inspired by a drawing that his three-year-old son drew.

It was a drawing of Lucy O’ Donnell. She was a classmate of his son.

There was another feeling that the song was about taking drugs. That being said, the band denied such accusations.


3) Diamonds are Forever

Artist: Shirley Bassey
Album: 007 Movie Theme Song and live performance at Carnegie Hall
Year: 1973
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This was an iconic song with an iconic performance. Seventy years later and this track is still just as popular.

The original track was sung by Carol Channing in 1949. Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend was sung on a Broadway production.


4) Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Artist: Pink Floyd
Album: Wish You Were Here
Year: 1975
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Shine on You Crazy Diamond is a significant song in music history. It is written as a dedication to Syd Barrett.

He had to leave Pink Floyd due to mental health problems. Syd Barrett was the co-founder of Pink Floyd.


5) White Diamond

Artist: Kylie Minogue
Album: EMI Records
Year: 2007

White Diamond is said to be a personal portrait of Kylie Minogue. 


V. Songs About Diamond Rings

A diamond ring is said to be the ultimate gift from a man to a woman. This is a symbol of deep and everlasting love.

1) Put a Ring on My Finger

Artist: Les Paul & Mary Ford
Album: The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
Year: 1992
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This track was written by Joe Meek. It was first recorded by Eddie Silver in 1958. 


2) Rhinestone Cowboy

Artist: Glen Campbell
Album: Rhinestone Cowboy
Year: 1975
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This track is based on the struggles and obsessions that happen in search of fame. 


VI. Songs About Jewels

Generally, diamonds are seen as a symbol of perfection and purity. Often this indicates faithfulness and promise between partners.

Jewels are seen as a symbol of being wealthy and being prosperous. It has symbolism of light. Often jewels are seen as having the power to ward off evil spirits.

1) Rhinestone Eyes

Artist: Gorillaz
Album: Plastic Beach
Year: 2010
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This track is from Gorillaz’s third album.  


2) Fields of Gold

Artist: Sting
Album: Ten Summoner’s Tales
Year: 1993
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This track was released on Sting’s fourth studio album.


VII. Songs About Bling

Bling refers to having a lot of money. You are flashy and have an elaborate lifestyle.

1) 7 Rings

Artist: Ariana Grande
Album: Thank U, Next
Year: 2019
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This track was released on Sting’s fourth studio album.


2) Bling Bling

Artist: K Camp
Album: Wayy 2 Kritical
Year: 2019
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VIII. Songs About Sparkle

Singing about sparkle is about feeling beautiful and empowered.

1) Glitter & Gold

Artist: Rebecca Ferguson
Album: Heaven
Year: 2011
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This track is the third song off her debut album.



Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of status. If you want to show success or love it can definitely be done with a diamond.

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