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Songs about Lola

40 Songs about Lola (Pop, R&B and Rap & More)

If your name is Lola and you clicked on this article to find all the great songs about other Lola’s, I apologize because there aren’t many of those. Most people know ‘Lola’ as the desirable but trampy showgirl or stripper. Lola is beautiful but dangerous and unattainable, or that is[…]

Songs About Baseball

70+ Songs About Baseball (Old & New)

Baseball is an iconic American sport beloved by many which is why it has become quite a popular topic in many songs. It might just surprise just how many songs about baseball there are in a wide range of genres. I. Modern Songs About Baseball There have been quite a[…]

50 Songs About Monday and The Monday Blues

Monday is infamous for being the most dreaded day of the week. This might be the reason why there are so many songs about Monday. There are also plenty of songs that can help you get rid of your Monday blues and help kick your Monday off the right way.[…]

45 Songs about Presidents (Pop, Rap/Hip Hop, Rock & More)

The old song “Hail To The Chief” isn’t the only song about US presidents out there. For years, decades, American Presidents have been the subject of ridicule and praise in songs. From rock stars to pop stars, they have all written songs about the presidents in their lifetime. Some, if[…]

25 Highest Paying Careers in the Music Industry (2022 Numbers)

When thinking about a music career, the first thing we have in mind is playing on a stage in front of many people. However, being a top performer is not the only career in the music industry. Let’s see what are the highest paying careers in the music industry. 1.[…]