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40 Songs about Crying (Old and New)

Crying is human. We cry over breakups, a loved one passing away, and going through a traumatic or emotional time. It’s only natural. So it’s no wonder that crying and everything we cry about has become an inspiration for chart-topping songs.  Below we’ve chosen some of the best songs about[…]

40 Songs About Unrequited Love (R&B, Rock & More)

Love in its purest form is not selfish, greedy, or manipulative. Love is free, the only price being what you’re willing to give for it. Unrequited love has no borders nor limitations. It is not perfect, it is as close to perfect love you will ever find. I. Pop Pop[…]

50 Songs About Obsession (Girl + Guy)

There is an infinite amount of music focused on obsessive and dramatic relationships. Initially, these can be heard as intense romantic songs, but after a couple of listens, they turn into unhealthy stalker anthems. But ultimately, music is about exaggeration, and these songs are entertaining. I. Popular songs about obsession[…]

24 Songs about Pain (Rap, Hip Hop, R&B & More)

Why sing about pain? Pain is something we all understand. We all experience different types of pain throughout our lives. We all express and deal with pain in our own ways. Music is one of those ways. I. Songs about Pain and Trauma Listening to songs about pain and trauma[…]

40 Songs about Love at First Sight (Rock, R&B, Rap/Hip & More)

Love is something we all crave, but an instant connection that leads to lasting love is close to a fairytale. Whether or not you believe it’s possible to fall for someone that quickly, you can’t deny that the music inspired by instant attraction is loveable and romantic. I. Popular songs[…]

30 Songs About Letting Go and Moving On

Dealing with loss, grief, and trauma can really take a toll on a person. Sometimes even words fail to comfort people through challenging life situations. But you may find a song that helps comfort you and let go. We have categorized several songs about letting go to help you through[…]

40 Songs about Forbidden Love (Modern, R&B, Punk & More)

Love is an infinite inspiration for songwriters and musicians. The unrequited, secret, and hidden love is among the most emotional and moving love songs – artists and listeners bond over the frustration and longing that forbidden love brings. Couples like Romeo and Juliet come to mind when thinking of forbidden[…]

60 Songs about Hate & Haters (Rock, Hip Hop, Pop & More)

Leo Tolstoy once said, “Music is the shorthand of emotion”. Just as there are an infinite number of love songs, so there are also those of hate. The two sides of the same coin. Check out ours below: I. Songs about hating the world You’ve got to admit – most[…]