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55 Songs about LA (Folk, Pop, Rap/Hip Hop & More)

Los Angeles is a sprawling Southern California city that has inspired a number of lyrics on its beaches, women, hard city streets, and celebrity life. We have selected the best 55 songs that will highlight your LA experience. I. New songs about LA (2020, 2021) The new songs about LA[…]

36 Songs About Mexico (Modern, Rock & More)

Mexico is a beautiful country full of vibrant colors and rich with its own unique culture. As such artists in Mexico represent exactly that. In songs written by non-Mexican artists speak of Mexic, it is a place to escape your troubles and enjoy life. I. Modern Mexican Music Modern Mexican[…]

35 Songs about Florida (Famous, Rap/Hip-Hop, Rock & More)

Ah, Florida! How we love the sunshine state’s warm oceans and pristine beaches! So much so it seems everyone wants to sing about it! From country rock to alternative hip-hop, there’s a song about Florida that is just for you. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite Floridian songs for[…]

30 Popular Songs about Montana (+Title & Lyrics)

If you are looking for songs about Montana, songs that have Montana in the lyrics, or even country songs written by people living in Montana, then you have come to the right place! Songs about Montana help us express ourselves and stay connected to the Big Sky Country, an affectionate[…]

40 Songs about North Carolina (Rap/Hip-Hop, Country, Folk, & More)

Some of these songs are specifically about North Carolina, while others mention South Carolina as well. Still, others are about certain people, experiences, and events in the northern state. I. Pop songs about North Carolina Songs about North Carolina from the pop genre appear to be rather scarce. This makes[…]

40 Songs about Virginia (Pop, Folk, Rap/Hip Hop & More)

Virginia is one of the best-known states in the US. It was one of the 13 original colonies, and it was named after England’s Virgin Queen, Queen Elizabeth I. Today, Virginia is known for its many famous sites, such as the Shenandoah National Park, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Appalachian[…]

30 Best Songs About West Virginia

Whether you’re looking for hit songs about West Virginia, or hip-hop songs about the Mountain State, there are plenty of song options available. Songs about West Virginia will make you feel nostalgic and wish you were there. Our list of categorized songs about West Virginia will help you celebrate this[…]

25 Songs about Tennessee (Country, Folk and More)

Songs about Tennessee perfectly capture life in the Volunteer state. They range from beautiful country songs about Tennessee to rap and hip-hop songs about the state. If you want to reminisce about your time in Tennessee or celebrate this state, then you will definitely enjoy these songs! We have listed[…]

23 Iconic Songs about the State of Georgia

Why do so many singers obsess over Georgia? Well, it turns out to be an interesting state. Georgia has the oldest state park in the country. It also boasts 65 threatened and endangered plant and animal species. The Okefenokee found in South Georgia is the biggest swamp in North America.[…]

32 Interesting Songs about Europe

Europe’s intriguing, rich history and strong influence over the rest of the world has inspired some of the most popular English songs. The continent is well-known for its fashion, food, and romantic atmosphere making it one of the most tempting destinations to explore. We have categorized 32 songs about Europe[…]