25 Songs about Tennessee (Country, Folk and More)

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25 Songs about Tennessee (Country, Folk and More)

Songs about Tennessee perfectly capture life in the Volunteer state. They range from beautiful country songs about Tennessee to rap and hip-hop songs about the state.

If you want to reminisce about your time in Tennessee or celebrate this state, then you will definitely enjoy these songs!

We have listed a variety of songs about Tennessee to suit any mood.

I. Folk songs about Tennessee

Folk songs about Tennessee represent the state’s musical heritage. These are official songs of Tennessee that celebrate the Volunteer state.

1) Tennessee Waltz

Artist: Patti Page
Album: Tennessee Waltz
Year: 1952

The song is about a person who introduces their lover to a friend, and then the friend waltzes their lover away.


2) Tennessee Song

Artist: Margot Price
Album: Midwest Farmer’s Daughter
Year: 2016

3) Guitar Town

Artist: Steve Earle
Album: Guitar Town
Year: 1986

II. Tennessee country music

Tennessee country music includes memorable, iconic songs about this unique American state. Tennessee country songs capture the spirit of the Volunteer State and surrounding regions.

1) Walking in Memphis

Artist: Marc Cohn
Album: Marc Cohn
Year: 1991

This is a profound song about a Jewish gospel music lover who experiences a spiritual awakening. It is more than just about a place.


2) Dixieland Delight

Artist: Alabama
Album: The Closer You Get…
Year: 1983

Dixieland Delight is about a man who is driving down highway 11W with one of his arms wrapped around his girlfriend. After a hard long week of work, he is thinking about a fun and relaxed weekend with her.


3) Smoky Mountain Rain

Artist: Ronnie Milsap
Album: Ronnie Milsap
Year: 1980

This is a very heartfelt song about a man who a loved one has left and his search to find her again.


4) My Tennessee Mountain Home

Artist: Dolly Parton
Album: My Tennessee Mountain Home
Year: 1973

III. New country song about Tennessee

New country songs about Tennessee are about love, unity, and broken hearts.  Although they are new, they still capture the essence of Tennessee.

1) If I Didn’t Love You

Artist: Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean
Album: MACON
Year: 2021

This song is a power ballad about two ex-lovers finding it challenging to move on from each other. The lyrics of the song describe how each person feels about the other.


2) Same Boat

Artist: Zac Brown Band
Album: The Comeback
Year: 2021

The Same Boat is a unifying story. The song reminds us of what we share in common and what makes us human.


3) You Should Probably Leave

Artist: Chris Stapleton
Album: Starting Over
Year: 2020

IV. Rap/Hip-hop songs about Tennessee

Rap/ hip-hop songs about Tennessee cover a range of topics from love to addictions. Some of these songs convey strong messages about life and struggles.

1) Tennessee

Artist: Arrested Development
Album: 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life Of…
Year: 1992

This is a painful song about loss. It talks about the journey of recovering from the loss of two dear ones.


2) Tennessee Rap

Artist: Jelly Roll and Lil Wyte
Album: No Filter 2
Year: 2016

3) Paul Revere

Artist: Beastie Boys
Album: 808 Movie
Year: 1986
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V. Rock songs about Tennessee

Rock songs about Tennessee are about going back to your routes. Some represent actual places in Tennessee, while others are about things you find in Tennessee.

1) Tennessee Rose

Artist: Emmylou Harris
Album: Cimarron
Year: 1981

2) Back To Tennessee

Artist: Billy Ray Cyrus
Album: Hannah Montana The Movie
Year: 2009

This song is about returning to your roots. The lyrics talk about returning to where you come from and remembering who you are.


3) Tennessee Stud

Artist: Johnny Cash
Album: Back In Black
Year: 1994

VI. Funny songs about Tennessee

Funny songs about Tennessee are usually country songs that lighten up serious life situations. They find humor in ordinary day experiences and add a down-home spin to them.

1) Ticks

Artist: Brad Paisley
Album: 5th Gear
Year: 2007
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This song is about a cliche pick-up line where a country guy is attracted to a fine-looking woman at a local bar. The song talks about how he would love to see the other side of her butterfly tramp stamp.


2) You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly

Artist: Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn
Album: Honky Tonk Heroes
Year: 1978

This song is about two old lovers who are stuck with each other. They blame each other for their miseries of life, like financial struggles, losing their attractiveness, and their ugly children that they must share.


3) Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass?

Artist: Buck Owens
Album: Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass?
Year: 1969

This song is about a husband who is trying to prevent a breakup. He asks his wife practical and whimsical questions about managing with him no longer around. Maybe she can learn to mow her own grass


VII. Songs about Tennessee football

Songs about Tennessee football portray the football traditions of the Volunteer State. These songs talk about playing the sport and the different positions of Tennessee football.

1) Slither

Artist: Velvet Revolver
Album: Contraband
Year: 2004

This song is about the hype and excitement when football players come down the tunnel. It talks about the screaming and shouting of the audience and the referee pumping his fist after a touchdown.


2) Bulls On Parade

Artist: Rage Against The Machine
Album: Evil Empire
Year: 1996/su_icon_text]

3) Touchdown Tennessee

Artist: Kenny Chesney
Album: Touchdown Tennessee: Tribute To John Ward
Year: 1998

This song is a tribute to John Ward, the play-by-play broadcaster for the Tennessee Volunteers from 1965 to1999.


VIII. Songs with Tennessee in the lyrics

Songs with Tennessee in the lyrics are about the great Volunteer state and what it has to offer. They are usually country songs about Tennessee.

1) Tennessee Homesick Blues

Artist: Dolly Parton
Album: Rhinestone
Year: 1984
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This song is about a young woman who moved to New York to pursue her dreams. But, she found it very difficult to settle in because the people were unfriendly and she had no friends. She misses her hometown, Tennessee, and how beautiful yet simple life was.


2) Tennessee Whiskey

Artist: Chris Stapleton
Album: Traveler
Year: 2015

3) Tennessee River Run

Artist: Darryl Worley
Album: I Miss My Friend
Year: 2002

The song is about a fun weekend with friends at the Tennessee River. It talks about anchoring a boat, summertime, and a BBQ.



Songs about Tennessee highlight the beautiful American State. There are plenty of country songs about this state because it is the home of Nashville, the Music City. This is where all iconic and classical music was born.

We hope you enjoyed our variety of song genres about Tennessee that are sure to make you feel you were there. 

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