23 Iconic Songs about the State of Georgia

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23 Iconic Songs about the State of Georgia

Why do so many singers obsess over Georgia? Well, it turns out to be an interesting state.

Georgia has the oldest state park in the country. It also boasts 65 threatened and endangered plant and animal species.

The Okefenokee found in South Georgia is the biggest swamp in North America.

The Amicalola Falls in Dawsonville is the highest waterfall. It is found east of the Mississippi River.

What might be even more impressive is that Georgia is where the Cherokee alphabet was written.

No wonder Georgia inspires so many artists.

I. New Songs about Georgia

The trend is about love and finding love. Writing tributes about love and for those we care about.

Georgia seems to invoke memories.

1) I got my peaches out in Georgia

Artist: Justin Bieber
Album: Justice
Year: 2021
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This is a tribute song to Justin Bieber’s wife. He makes references to long-lasting love.


2) Talk about Georgia

Artist: Jason Aldean
Album: 9
Year: 2019
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This is a love song. The love seems to be about a woman but also Jason Aldean’s love for Georgia. He sings in a nostalgic way.


3) Georgia’s Changing

Artist: Detroit Youth Choir
Album: For State Elections
Year: 2021

The Detroit Youth Choir sang a song about Georgia changing and the future. They essentially hold the future of Georgia in their hands.

It is refreshing to listen to a song about hope for the future.

II. Famous Songs with Georgia in the Title

Songs about Georgia inspire travel and adventure. Georgia seems to inspire love.

1) Midnight Train toGeorgia

Artist: Gladys Knight & the Pips
Album: Imagination
Year: 1973
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Apparently, the song is based on a conversation about taking a midnight flight to Houston.


2) Midnight Train toGeorgia

Artist: Mark O‘Conner and Charlie Daniels
Album: Heroes
Year: 993
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This is a sequel to the band’s song, The Devil went down to Georgia. The Devil went down to Georgia was released in 1979.


3) Rainy Night inGeorgia

Artist: Brook Benton
Album: Brook Benton Today
Year: 1970
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This is a sad song about a man who does not have a home. His love is also missing.


III. Rock Songs with Georgia in the Lyrics

Rock songs written with Georgia in the lyrics seem to be about hardship. There is suffering but also beauty in overcoming struggles.

It seems that rock singers have found beauty in Georgia. Not only the natural beauty but also the beauty of Georgian women.

1) Georgia Peaches

Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Album: Street Survivors
Year: 1977
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A Georgian Peach is known as a pretty southern girl. Some people say the song is about prostitutes.


2) Oh Atlanta

Artist: Bad Company
Album: Desolation Angels
Year: 1979
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This is a cover of the Mick Ralphs version.


3) Georgia Girl

Artist: Collective Soul
Album: Afterwords
Year: 2007

This is a positive song about leaving everything behind and starting anew. It seems this song is about a girl that moves to Georgia to start fresh. It is a song full of hope.


4) Highway 20 Ride

Artist: Zac Brown Band
Album: The Foundation
Year: 2008
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This song is about hardship. The songwriter Wyatt Durrette was going through a divorce. He was bartending to make enough money so that he could travel to see his son.

This is a song about how he endured. This is a song about heartbreak. But it is also about how we can overcome all tough situations.


5) You Hear Georgia

Artist: Blackberry Smoke
Album: You Hear Georgia
Year: 2018
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You Hear Georgia is an ode to the band’s home state. It celebrates the Peach State.

That being said, You Hear Georgia also warns people not to underestimate the population that comes from Georgia.

The band feels that Georgia, being in the south has a bad reputation. They feel that even though there is bad there is also a lot of good.

There are a lot of good people who treat each other with love and respect.


6) Lonely Night in Georgia

Artist: Marc Broussard
Album: Carencro
Year: 2004
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Marc Broussard sings a gripping song about being on tour and away from home.

He expresses trying to get back home. He sings about how lonely it can be to be an artist touring.


IV. Rap/ Hip Hop Songs about Georgia

When it comes to rap/ hip hop songs about Georgia there is no shortage. A huge portion of artists come from Georgia.

There is a lot of material about the struggles that have taken place in the south’s history. There has been a long history of slavery and mistreatment.

A huge portion of the population has suffered and is still suffering because of a small portion of the population.

It is inspiring to hear the words of people who have had first-hand experiences. To hear about suffering that has made the African-American people strong and proud.

1) Georgia

Artist: Ludacris and Field Mob
Album: Disturbing the Peace
Year: 2005
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Georgia is a tribute song for Ludacris and Field Mob’s home state. This song was also used in their movie ATL.


2) Welcome to Atlanta

Artist: Jermaine Dupri featuring Ludacris
Album: The Source Presents: Hip Hop Hits, Vol. 6
Year: 2002

This song was written as a tribute song to the Dirty Birds. 


3) Georgia Rose

Artist: Queen Latifah
Album: Trav’lin’ Light
Year: 2007
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Although Queen Latifah is known for her progressive rap music this song is jazz-inspired.

Georgia Rose is a bold and inspiring song about being proud of who you are. This song stands for being proud of where you come from.

Queen Latifah has outdone herself as she teams up with Stevie Wonder to sing this soul-nourishing song.


4) Welcome to Atlanta

Artist: Jermaine Dupri featuring Ludacris
Album: The Source Presents: Hip Hop Hits, Vol. 6
Year: 2002
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Welcome to Atlanta was also included on Ludacris’ album ‘Word of Mouf.’ It was included as a hidden track.

This song pays tribute to their hometown.


5) New Atlanta

Artist: Migos
Album: No. Label 2
Year: 2014
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Jermaine Dupri is a success for creating music. He is the whole package of selling and producing for the public.

“It was a regional anthem designed to be a hit everywhere else.” Fader


V. Soul Music Songs about Georgia

Soul music about Georgia is beautiful. It inspires feelings you never knew you had.

Soul music allows artists to dig deep into what really matters. The soul genre singing about Georgia is dreamy and nostalgic.

I can only describe this genre as ultimate passion.

1) I was on Georgia Time

Artist: Ray Charles
Album: Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
Year: 1984

Ray Charles sang I was on Georgia Time because it was a place that was close to his heart.

He refused to play for an all-white audience and was punished for this. Later he received an apology.

It has affected his feelings towards a place that he loved. He was brave enough to stand up for what he believed in.  

He sang about wondering if the place he loved thought about him the way he thought about it.


2) Burn Georgia Burn

Artist: Alabama
Album: Feels So Right
Year: 1981
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Alabama captures the loss that comes with war. A man is taken away from his life and partner.

They remember each other and love each other. But they will never see each other again.

This song grips at your heart. It is a tear-jerker that is sung with passion. 


3) Georgia On My Mind

Artist: Denise King
Album: Songs With Love
Year: 2017
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 Georgia is an inspiration, to say the least. Georgia is the biggest state in the United States. It sits east of the Mississippi River.

It is the youngest of the 13 former English colonies. Georgia was founded in 1732. Back then it used to include a lot of the states of Alabama and Mississippi.

Georgia was home to the most amount of plantations in the south. This was by the mid-19th century.

This was the cornerstone of the plantation culture and economic dependence on slavery.

When 1864 came around the Union General William Tecumseh Sherman invaded Georgia. He captured Atlanta and started his famous March to the Sea.

He created a 200-mile-wide path of fire and destruction. It stretched across to the Savannah.

Georgia also boasts the Appalachian Mountains. In the northern parts, there are marshes along the Atlantic coast. This falls southeast to the Okefenokee Swamp on the south.

It was in 1957 that Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as other civil rights advocates. They formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) in Atlanta.

They dedicated their lives to pushing for the nonviolent attainment of equal rights for African Americans.

The SCLC was a huge reason for the civil rights movements. And it is still active for social justice issues.

There has been a lot of slavery and suppression experienced in Georgia. This has been an aspect that people have drawn on over the years for inspiration.

It is an issue many of us hold close to our hearts as we all try to move forward and embrace a united future.

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