Foundations of Music

Foundations of Music


25 Songs About Diamonds & Jewels (Rap, Pop & More)

What does it mean to sing about diamonds? They are a sought-after beauty amongst all walks of life. “A true diamond never overshadows… it’s the brilliance of the subtle shine that’s the most attractive.” Diamonds have always represented a symbol of love, prosperity, perseverance, and endurance. There is an[…]

65 Songs about Flowers (R&B, Rock, Traditional & More)

Flowers are often sent as gifts to show appreciation and uplift the spirits. They are also frequently used in music to represent a variety of things, from failed relationships and the cycle of life, to personal growth that occurs in spite of difficult circumstances. I. Latest songs about flowers (2020,[…]

32 Interesting Songs about Europe

Europe’s intriguing, rich history and strong influence over the rest of the world has inspired some of the most popular English songs. The continent is well-known for its fashion, food, and romantic atmosphere making it one of the most tempting destinations to explore. We have categorized 32 songs about Europe[…]

58 Songs About Heaven (R&B, Rock, Pop & More)

Everyone has a different idea of what heaven is to them, which is why songs about heaven are so diverse. Everyone’s interpretation of songs about heaven will be different. After all, heaven can represent a feeling,  a spiritual destination, and more. I. Latest Songs About Heaven (2020, 2021) The latest[…]

36 Songs about Gymnastics (R&B, Hip-hop, Pop & More)

Gymnastics music tends to follow the same rhythmic tune and beats per minute that help time their performances. Gymnastics music has changed over time to fit the athlete’s aesthetics and personas. I. Unique Floor Music This is the genre for wacky and spontaneous athletes who bring the talent and the[…]