Foundations of Music

Foundations of Music


50 Songs about Toxic Relationships

There are more songs written about love than any other topic. But most importantly, there are the most songs about bad love and toxic relationships. Listeners and musicians alike can bond over shared hurts and heartbreak and how good it feels to sing/scream these hits in the car. I. Latest[…]

60 Songs About Weather (Pop, Rap/Hip Hop, Country & More)

There are many songs about the weather in all genres of music, and this may be because weather conditions in songs can tell a variety of stories. Diverse weather can represent different emotions in music. Stormy weather often represents sadness, whereas sunny weather may represent happiness. I. Pop Songs About[…]

24 Old & New Songs about Trains

What is special about trains? Well, it is a unique way to travel. It is like stepping back in time to when people had to be patient. Train travel is simple and easy. You can be catered for or cater for yourself. Today’s trains can be quite luxurious. There is[…]

50 Songs About Obsession (Girl + Guy)

There is an infinite amount of music focused on obsessive and dramatic relationships. Initially, these can be heard as intense romantic songs, but after a couple of listens, they turn into unhealthy stalker anthems. But ultimately, music is about exaggeration, and these songs are entertaining. I. Popular songs about obsession[…]

45 Songs about Jesus (Worship, Love and Life)

“I might not be a good singer but I will praise and worship God with all my heart. I might not be the best dancer but I will dance for the Lord all the days of my life.” ― Euginia Herlihy May our song list below inspire you to sing[…]