Foundations of Music

Foundations of Music


50 Songs About Narcissists

There are many songs in various music genres that focus on narcissists, and even songs that can be interpreted as artists expressing certain narcissistic characteristics. While narcissist is a term often used in these songs to describe a person who is manipulative, self-centred, lacks empathy and controlling it is important[…]

30 Songs about Tequila (Pop, Rap/Hip Hop & More)

Tequila is known to be a truth serum in a shot glass. It makes you lose all inhibitions and pushes you to reveal secrets. It has the ability to turn shy people into social butterflies and get you dancing on the bar in no time! If you are a tequila[…]

40 Songs about Crying (Old and New)

Crying is human. We cry over breakups, a loved one passing away, and going through a traumatic or emotional time. It’s only natural. So it’s no wonder that crying and everything we cry about has become an inspiration for chart-topping songs.  Below we’ve chosen some of the best songs about[…]

40 Songs About Unrequited Love (R&B, Rock & More)

Love in its purest form is not selfish, greedy, or manipulative. Love is free, the only price being what you’re willing to give for it. Unrequited love has no borders nor limitations. It is not perfect, it is as close to perfect love you will ever find. I. Pop Pop[…]

50 Songs About Monday and The Monday Blues

Monday is infamous for being the most dreaded day of the week. This might be the reason why there are so many songs about Monday. There are also plenty of songs that can help you get rid of your Monday blues and help kick your Monday off the right way.[…]