Foundations of Music

Foundations of Music


40 Songs about Pregnancy (R&B, Country, Rap/Hip Hop & More)

Jane Swan once said, “How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest passions?”. Thank goodness we have songs that express us. We can relate to these songs. Check out ours below: I. Latest songs about pregnancy (2020,2021) Check out our list below for[…]

40 Songs about Destiny (Pop, Gospel, Rock/Indie & More)

Since humans could think, we’ve wondered what our purpose is, how we can achieve our potential, and where the future will take us. From the Greeks who imagined the ‘Fates’ as witches who cut cords to other paths to modern Christianity explaining destinies as the gods’ plans. There’s so much[…]

36 Songs About Mexico (Modern, Rock & More)

Mexico is a beautiful country full of vibrant colors and rich with its own unique culture. As such artists in Mexico represent exactly that. In songs written by non-Mexican artists speak of Mexic, it is a place to escape your troubles and enjoy life. I. Modern Mexican Music Modern Mexican[…]

35 Songs about Florida (Famous, Rap/Hip-Hop, Rock & More)

Ah, Florida! How we love the sunshine state’s warm oceans and pristine beaches! So much so it seems everyone wants to sing about it! From country rock to alternative hip-hop, there’s a song about Florida that is just for you. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite Floridian songs for[…]

48 Songs about Cowboys (Traditional, Modern, Pop & More)

The image of a cowboy is a powerful one, tied in intrinsically with the American spirit. In fact, cowboys and the United States are so closely linked that it’s impossible to think of America without imaging those wild men taming the west and paving the way for the America we[…]