24 Old & New Songs about Trains

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24 Old & New Songs about Trains

What is special about trains? Well, it is a unique way to travel. It is like stepping back in time to when people had to be patient.

Train travel is simple and easy. You can be catered for or cater for yourself. Today’s trains can be quite luxurious.

There is a lot to say about traveling by train. Let us see what the music community has to say.

I. Dance/ Disco Songs about Trains

Some musicians created dance songs about trains for people to have a good time.

1) Disco Train

Artist: Dance Reaction
Album: Disco Train
Year: 1981

Disco Train was a classic hit from the Netherlands. The video is well-known for how well the band can dance.


2) Get on the Funk Train

Artist: Munich Machine
Album: Munich Machine Introducing the Midnite Ladies
Year: 1977
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Remastered in 2012 by artist Anane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPAheOV9iaE


3) The Night Train

Artist: Kadoc
Album: The Nighttrain
Year: 1995

This is purely a dance song. Kadoc made the “Night Train” for people to dance and have fun.


II. Old Songs about Trains

Old Songs about Trains are always so conflicted. There always seems to be a push and pull within the lyrics.

The artists seem to be torn between what they want and what they should actually be doing.

1) Midnight Train to Georgia

Artist: Gladys Knight & the Pips
Album: Imagination
Year: 1973

Midnight Train to Georiga was based on a conversation about taking a midnight plane to Houston. The lyrics suggest that the person traveling needed to get out of the big city.


2) Love Train

Artist: The O’Jays
Album: Back Stabbers
Year: 1972
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Love Train is just about that. This is a song about how we should be kinder to each other.


3) Last Train to London

Artist: Electric Light Orchestra
Album: Discovery
Year: 1979

Last Train to London is about a man who knows that he should leave and go home. But there is a lady that he wants to stay for.


III. Rock Songs about Trains

Rock Songs about Trains involve much imagination. There are metaphors on top of metaphors.

Rock music has always been a fantastic expression of talking about complex topics.

1) Rock ‘N Roll Train

Artist: AC/DC
Album: Black Ice
Year: 2008

Rock ‘N Roll Train is about a party on a train. 


2) Locomotive Breath

Artist: Jethro Tull
Album: Aqualung
Year: 1971

Locomotive Breath is about how society is out of control. It is about overcrowding and how as humans, we use too much. This song is still relevant today as we have not slowed down.


3) Peace Train

Artist: Cat Stevens
Album: Teaser and the Firecat
Year: 1971

In contrast, Peace Train is about us all being united. It is about having peace and understanding throughout the world.


4) Train of Consequences

Artist: Megadeth
Album: Youthanaisa
Year: 1994

Train of Consequences is about making decisions and not turning back from them. Once you put yourself and your life onto a specific course, then sometimes you cannot deviate from that.


IV. R&B Songs about Trains

Singing about trains can often be used as a metaphor for life. Where are we going? And what is the journey all about?

1) Party Train

Artist: The Gap Band
Album: Gap Band V: Jammin’
Year: 1983

Party Train has was released on the band’s seventh album. It made it to number three on the charts.


2) Train on a Track

Artist: Kelly Rowland
Album: Maid in Manhattan
Year: 2002

Train on a Track is a love song that will leave your heart feeling like a pile of mush.


3) C’mon n’ Ride It

Artist: Quad City DJ’s
Album: Get On Up and Dance
Year: 1996

C’mon ‘n Ride It is based on a piece of Barry White’s 1974 main theme song from the soundtrack. It was made for a film called the Together Brothers.


V. Religious Songs about Trains

Trains can be a fantastic metaphor for where we are headed in life. And where we will end up.

1) Life’s Railway to Heaven

Artist: The Oak Ridge Boys
Album: The Sensational Oak Ridge Boys
Year: 1987

Life’s Railway to Heaven is about living a good life. It is about watching what you do and how you live.


2) This Train

Artist: Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Year: 1964

This is a popular song that has been remastered countless times. Artists such as Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, and Mumford and Sons.


VI. Country Songs about Trains

Country music is symbolic of journeys and love.

1) Trains Make Me Lonesome

Artist: George Strait
Album: Holding My Own
Year: 1992

Trains Make Me Lonesome is about George Strait’s dad leaving when he was a little boy.


2) Folsom Prison Blues

Artist: Johnny Cash
Album: Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar
Year: 1957

Johnny Cash performed this song to the inmates of the Folsom State Prison. It is all about what the prisoners must think about when they hear the train come past.


3) The Wabash Cannonball

Artist: Roy Acuff
Year: 1936

This song is about the natural beauty and problems of the Wabash Cannonball Express. It ran along the Great Rock Island train route.


VII. Train Songs for Kids

Train songs are a fun way to connect with children about their surroundings.

1) Train Song

Artist: Blippi
Album: Bilppi Tunes, vol 2: Machines
Year: 2016

This song helps children to learn more about trains.


2) Freight Train

Artist: Mother Goose Club
Album: Mother Goose Club Sings Nursery Rhymes, Vol 5: Rhyme Around the Rosy
Year: 2013

The “Freight Train” is a song about phonetics.


3) Riding On A Train

Artist: StoryBots
Album: StoryBots Vehicles
Year: 2014

“Riding On A Train” teaches kids about the parts of the train.


VIII. Songs about Trains for Preschoolers

Songs are a fun and easy way to help children learn particular things.

1) Choo Choo Train

Artist: Patty Shukla
Album: Wiggle It!
Year: 2013

“Choo Choo Train” is a song about a train and counting.


2) Color Train Song

Artist: Little Baby Bum
Album: Learning Songs, Vol 3: Colors and Shapes!
Year: 2020

“Color Train Song” is another song about trains and counting.

3) Color Train Food Train

Artist: Mother Goose Club
Album: Mother Goose Club Sing Nursery Rhymes, Vol 9: Songs for Kids
Year: 2017

This train song teaches children about food and colors.



Singing about trains offers a wide variety of topics and metaphors to touch on. No wonder it is sung about through all the genres. It even provides a learning opportunity for children.

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