26 Songs about Lying (Rock, Country, Pop, Rap/Hip & More)

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26 Songs about Lying (Rock, Country, Pop, Rap/Hip & More)

Why do people sing about lying? It is something that fascinates us as people. We seem to live our lives being suspicious of others.

We have all been lied to at some stage in our lives. Maybe even today, before you sat down to read this.

Singing about lying is an interesting topic as first-hand experiences mostly inspire it.

I. Songs About Lies And Secrets

Singing about lies and secrets implies that you have suffered at the hand of people telling you lies.

It also suggests that secrets have been kept from you. These are often very damaging for people.

1) Secrets and Lies

Artist: Ruelle
Album: Rival
Year: 2017
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Secrets and Lies is a song about knowing that something is wrong. You know that the other person is guilty of something.

And you are going to catch them out. You can see them for what they really are.


2) Secrets

Artist: Becky G
Album: Secrets
Year: 2019
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Becky G is a Latin singer powerhouse. She comes from a background of acting.

The Latin Recording Academy has honored Becky G with the title of a Leading Lady in entertainment.


3) Secrets and Lies

Artist: Emmon
Album: Closet Wanderings
Year: 2009
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Secrets and Lies is a song about heartache. This song is about a breakup, and Emmon is missing her partner.

She can still feel the presence of her partner.


II. Songs About Lying And Deception

We have all suffered through deception. It is the hardest thing when the people we love let us down.

1) Argent

Artist: Argent
Album: Closet Wanderings
Year: 1970
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This is a sad song where the singer knows there has been deception. But he will not leave.

He is prepared to stay as long as his lover still wants him around.


2) Don’t Lie To Me

Artist: Big Star
Album: 1 Record
Year: 1972

This is a different type of song for Big Star. It showcases that they can create something out of their norm.

It is somewhat cheesy but also has a blues feel combined with rock.

Great song that is easy to listen to.


3) Honesty

Artist: Billy Joel
Album: 52nd Street
Year: 1978
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Billy Joel is singing about honesty as being a lonely word. More people are dishonest.

He sings about a general lack of honesty in the world.


4) Lies

Artist: Black Keys
Album: Attack and Release
Year: 2008
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There is a raw bitterness in the singer’s voice. It seems that he is singing about a woman that he loves.

She says that she loves him. But she only wants to spend nights together and then be free of him in the day.

He is being kept on a string by this woman.


III. Pop Songs About Lying

Popular music about lying is excellent because it really explores all avenues of what lying means.

The way we lie and the things we lie about.

1) Always The Last To Know

Artist: Del Amitri
Album: Change Everything
Year: 1992

Always The Last To Know has a gloomy feel to it. By the end of it, you will also feel hurt.

This song is about infidelity. The singer finds out that his girlfriend has sheathed, but he still wants her to stay.


2) Living The Lie

Artist: Dio
Album: Master Of The Moon
Year: 2004
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Living The Lie is about wanting something that you cannot have.


3) Little Lies

Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Album: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac
Year: 2006

Little Lies was one of Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hits.


IV. Rap/ Hip Hop Songs About Lying

Rappers and Hip Hop singers seem to live in a world of lies and cheating.

1) Love The Way You Lie

Artist: Eminem
Album: Recovery
Year: 2010

Love The Way You Lie features Rihanna. This is a reflective look back on the abusive relationships that they were both in.


2) Lying From You

Artist: Linkin Park
Album: Meteora
Year: 2003

Love The Way You Lie features Rihanna. This is a reflective look back on the abusive relationships that they were both in.


3) Say My Name

Artist: Destiny’s Child
Album: The Writing’s On The Wall
Year: 1999

Say My Name is a song about a suspected cheating partner. The singer just wants her partner to be honest and to tell her what is going on.

Say My Name is significant because he is now avoiding her in specific ways.


4) Lie To Kick It

Artist: Tupac Shakur
Album: R U Still Down?
Year: 1999

This is an aggressive song that pays tribute to Mike Tyson. It seems that it is about the accusations made against Tyson.

This song is pro Tyson and against the woman who made accusations against him.


V. R&B Songs About Lying

R&B songs about lying are the ultimate jackpot for expressing emotions. There are powerful lyrics with some real pain behind them.

1) If Your Girl Only Knew

Artist: Aaliyah
Album: One In A Million
Year: 1996

“If Your Girl Only Knew” is a song about a woman who flirted with a guy. She finds out that the guy has a girlfriend.

This and wonders about the girlfriend turn her off.


2) When A Man Lies

Artist: R. Kelly
Album: Write Me Back
Year: 2012

R. Kelly sings about when a man lies to a woman as the ultimate betrayal if he promises that he loves her and then turns around and proves otherwise.

There is a lot of hurt in this song.


3) Confessions, Part II

Artist: Usher
Album: Confessions
Year: 2004
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Usher sings about a friend that got his mistress pregnant. The song is about the confession of this betrayal.

Many people thought Usher was singing about himself. The friend, Dupri that he sang about came forward to clear Usher’s name.


4) Why’d You Lie To Me

Artist: Anastacia
Album: Freak Of Nature
Year: 2001

Why’d You Lie To Me is about precisely that. Anastacia sings about her partner cheating on her.


VI. Country Songs About Lying

A popular topic amongst country singers. They have a deep understanding of pain and heartache.

1) Before He Cheats

Artist: Carrie Underwood
Album: Some Hearts
Year: 2005

She sings about an unfaithful lover.


2) You Belong With Me

Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: Fearless
Year: 2008

You Belong To Me is about a boy stuck in a bad relationship and cannot see that there is another girl who likes him.


3) You’ll Think Of Me

Artist: Keith Urban
Album: Golden Road
Year: 2002

Keith Urban is singing to a woman who cheated on him. This song is his way of telling her to get lost.


4) There’s Your Trouble

Artist: The Chicks
Album: Wide Open Spaces
Year: 2008

This song is a song about a breakup.


VII. Rock Songs About Lies

Rock stars and musicians like to use their songs to express their distrust and hurt from someone lying to them.

1) I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)

Artist: Bob Dylan
Album: Another Side of Bob Dylan
Year: 1964

We hear a love-torn Bob Dylan sing away his pain. Towards the end of the song, he hardens his voice.

He has obviously loved, been hurt, and recovered.


2) Don’t You Lie To Me

Artist: Chuck Berry
Album: Another Side of Bob Dylan
Year: 1961

Chuck Berry was going through a difficult time in his life when this song was released.

He had many financial issues. And would be sent to prison for 18 months.

He did not make another song for about three years.


3) Love Don’t Lie

Artist: Def Leppard
Album: X
Year: 2002
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“Love Don’t Lie” is a classic about how amazing love can be. Love is honest, and it does not lie.

There is a simple beauty to this song.


4) The Policy Of The Truth

Artist: Depeche Mode
Album: X
Year: 1990

Depeche Mode expresses in The Policy Of The Truth that the person speaking is being hurt more by what is being said.

It suggests that the person receiving the news is being hurt less.



Lying, deception, and betrayal are sensitive topics that everyone has experienced at some point in their lives.

There is a lot of music out there expressing what you have been through.








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