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58 Songs About Heaven (R&B, Rock, Pop & More)

Everyone has a different idea of what heaven is to them, which is why songs about heaven are so diverse. Everyone’s interpretation of songs about heaven will be different. After all, heaven can represent a feeling,  a spiritual destination, and more. I. Latest Songs About Heaven (2020, 2021) The latest[…]

36 Songs about Gymnastics (R&B, Hip-hop, Pop & More)

Gymnastics music tends to follow the same rhythmic tune and beats per minute that help time their performances. Gymnastics music has changed over time to fit the athlete’s aesthetics and personas. I. Unique Floor Music This is the genre for wacky and spontaneous athletes who bring the talent and the[…]

45 Popular & Funny Songs About Eating

There have been many songs about eating, specifically the mentioning of certain foods in lyrics across different genres. Most songs about eating don’t mean eating food, but it is a representation of and expression of different emotions, including happiness, passion, anger, and more. I. Popular Songs About Eating There have[…]

32 Songs About Eating Disorders & Weight Insecurities

In 1963, Mahalia Jackson released a song called, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.” After many decades, these words still ring true. We often don’t know what a person is struggling with, even musicians. They will often use their music to give us insight into their struggles. Many of them[…]

70+ Songs About Beauty of Life and Nature

Some say that music is the closest we can get to wielding magic. Nowadays, we can wield this magic with a click of a button. We can lose ourselves in songs just as beautiful as the artist’s muse. It’s no surprise that there are many songs about beauty, the beauty[…]