Foundations of Music

Foundations of Music


69 Songs About Drugs (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Country Songs About Drugs 1. Whiskey River by Willie Nelson Willie Nelson’s song “Whiskey River” is a song about a man trying to forget his troubles by drinking whiskey. The song is sad and regretful, but also has a sense of hope and resilience. The man in the song[…]

57 Songs About Drowning (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Latest Songs About Drowning 1. How Not To Drown by CHVRCHES, Robert Smith The song is about a relationship that is on the verge of drowning. The narrator is trying to save the relationship, but is struggling to keep it afloat. Watch on YouTube -> 2. Drowning by Chris[…]

37 Songs About Cows (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Rap Songs About Cows 1. MOOO! by Doja Cat Doja Cat’s “MOOO!” is a fun, catchy song about being yourself and not caring what others think. The song’s positive message and upbeat production make it a great choice for any situation where you want to boost your mood and[…]

69 Songs About Control (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Country Songs About Control 1. The Power by Snap! The song is about a person who has the power to make things happen and is in control. Watch on YouTube -> II. Latest Songs About Control 1. Take Control by KREAM The song is about taking control of your[…]

94 Songs About Confidence (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Christian Songs About Confidence 1. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong UNITED The song is about continuing to walk through life even when the going gets tough. It talks about how the oceans may seem like they are too big to cross, but with faith, anything is possible.[…]