Foundations of Music

Foundations of Music


24 Songs about Pain (Rap, Hip Hop, R&B & More)

Why sing about pain? Pain is something we all understand. We all experience different types of pain throughout our lives. We all express and deal with pain in our own ways. Music is one of those ways. I. Songs about Pain and Trauma Listening to songs about pain and trauma[…]

25 Songs about Tennessee (Country, Folk and More)

Songs about Tennessee perfectly capture life in the Volunteer state. They range from beautiful country songs about Tennessee to rap and hip-hop songs about the state. If you want to reminisce about your time in Tennessee or celebrate this state, then you will definitely enjoy these songs! We have listed[…]

26 Songs about Lying (Rock, Country, Pop, Rap/Hip & More)

Why do people sing about lying? It is something that fascinates us as people. We seem to live our lives being suspicious of others. We have all been lied to at some stage in our lives. Maybe even today, before you sat down to read this. Singing about lying is[…]

40 Songs about Love at First Sight (Rock, R&B, Rap/Hip & More)

Love is something we all crave, but an instant connection that leads to lasting love is close to a fairytale. Whether or not you believe it’s possible to fall for someone that quickly, you can’t deny that the music inspired by instant attraction is loveable and romantic. I. Popular songs[…]

39 Songs About Miscarriages (Pop, Rap, Rock, Country & More)

Going through a miscarriage is a painful and traumatic experience. Unless we’ve experienced it ourselves, we can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. This has led many musicians to express their heartbreak. I. Latest songs about miscarriage (2020, 2021) Recently, more and more musicians have used their platform and[…]