Foundations of Music

Foundations of Music


45 Songs About Social class (Pop, Rap & More)

I. R&B Songs About Social class 1. Rich Girl by Hall & Oates The song is about a rich girl who can have anything she wants but she’s not happy. She’s looking for something more and she thinks she’s found it in the narrator. He’s not interested in her money[…]

38 Songs About Snow and ice (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Rock Songs About Snow and ice 1. Winter Wonderland by Richard B. Smith, Felix Bernard, Eddie Waves This song is about a winter wonderland that is filled with happiness and love. The snow is falling and the children are playing. There is a feeling of magic in the air.[…]

33 Songs About Sleepless nights (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Country Songs About Sleepless nights 1. Sleepless Nights by The Everly Brothers Sleepless nights, I just can’t sleep I toss and turn, I’m counting sheep Every time I close my eyes, I see your face I’m going out of my mind, I need your embrace I can’t get you[…]

59 Songs About Skateboarding (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Pop Songs About Skateboarding 1. Skateboarding by The Beach Boys The song is about a guy who loves to skateboard and enjoys doing it by the beach. He talks about how much fun he has skating and how it’s a great way to stay in shape. 2. Sk8er Boi[…]

22 Songs About Sibling rivalry (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Latest Songs About Sibling rivalry 1. Sibling Rivalry by Kendrick Lamar, Baby Keem The song is about the rivalry between two siblings. Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem are both from Compton, California and have been beefing since they were kids. The song is a diss track aimed at Baby[…]