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84 Songs About America (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Latest Songs About America 1. So Good by Halsey The song So Good is about a relationship that Halsey is in where she is madly in love with her partner. She talks about how they make her feel and how they make her life so much better. Watch on[…]

69 Songs About Control (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Country Songs About Control 1. The Power by Snap! The song is about a person who has the power to make things happen and is in control. Watch on YouTube -> II. Latest Songs About Control 1. Take Control by KREAM The song is about taking control of your[…]

27 Songs About Apples (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Country Songs About Apples 1. Apple Blossom by The White Stripes “Apple Blossom” is a song by American rock duo the White Stripes. It was released as the fourth and final single from their fourth studio album, Elephant, in 2004. The song peaked at number 27 on the UK[…]

37 Songs About Cows (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Rap Songs About Cows 1. MOOO! by Doja Cat Doja Cat’s “MOOO!” is a fun, catchy song about being yourself and not caring what others think. The song’s positive message and upbeat production make it a great choice for any situation where you want to boost your mood and[…]

109 Songs About Babies (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Latest Songs About Babies 1. One Beer by HARDY, HIXTAPE The song is about a guy who is trying to get over a girl he was in a relationship with. He is at a bar, drinking by himself, and he sees the girl he was with come in with[…]

96 Songs About Being in love (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Country Songs About Being in love 1. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley The song is a ballad about falling in love and not being able to help it. The singer is telling his love that even though he knows the relationship may not last, he can’t[…]

89 Songs About Believing (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Christian Songs About Believing 1. I Believe by Yolanda Adams The song is about having faith in God and believing that He will always be there for us. No matter what happens in life, we should never lose faith in Him. Watch on YouTube -> 2. Travis Cottrell by[…]

78 Songs About Growing up (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Latest Songs About Growing up 1. Give Yourself a Try by The 1975 The 1975’s “Give Yourself a Try” is a song about trying new things and taking risks. The lyrics encourage listeners to step out of their comfort zones and explore the world. The song also touches on[…]

92 Songs About Missing someone (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Christian Songs About Missing someone 1. I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe The song is about a person imagining what it will be like to be in heaven. The person imagines being in a beautiful place with no more pain or suffering. They imagine being reunited with loved ones[…]

86 Songs About Moms (Pop, Rap & More)

I. Christian Songs About Moms 1. Only Jesus by Casting Crowns The song is about how only Jesus can save us from our sin and how he is the only one who can give us eternal life. Watch on YouTube 2. While You Were Holding Me by Jasmine Murray The[…]