We’re not changing our tune!

Foundations of Music will continue to provide music education for more than 5,000 Chicago Public School children each year. And you can still join us at the Rock For Kids Rock & Roll Auction every fall, with proceeds benefiting Foundations of Music classes. 


We strategically arrived at our new name and logo after a two-year process that involved surveying and focus groups with over 50 of our key stakeholders, in collaboration with the Taproot Foundation.

We believe our new name is:

  • Mission centered, with MUSIC fundamentals at the forefront
  • Credible and professional
  • Still able to provide emotional resonance with a slight edge
  • Succinctly conveys the meaning and programming of our organization

We believe our new logo:

  • Conveys the foundational strength of music, through its cornerstone block imagery
  • Is emblematic
  • Brings music to the forefront
  • Is clean, credible, and professional
  • Can be easily adapted for edgier applications
  • Is meaningful
  • Is extendable
  • Is timeless